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Women's Equality Day Awards

Each year, Women's Demo awards several deserving Democratic women with a Women's Equality Award and one woman with the Thalia Dondero Trailblazer Award for the important work they do in our community(ies). The recipients are selected by the Women's Demo Board of Directors and awards are given in August on (or near) Women's Equality Day. See below for past honorees. 

Dr. Christina Vela headshot 1.jpg
Dr. Christina Vela

CEO, St. Jude's Ranch for Children

2022 Thalia Dondero Trailblazer Award Recipient

Previous Recipients


Jeri Burton.jpg

Jeri Burton

Patty Davidson.bmp

Patty Davidson

Asha Jones.bmp

Asha Jones

Rozita Lee.bmp
Lisa Levine.jpg

Rozita Lee

Regent Lisa Levine

ShaRhonda Ramos.bmp

ShaRhonda Ramos


Jeana Blackman Taylor.jpg
Roberta Lange_edited.jpg
Connie Munk.jpg
Rochelle Nguyen.jpg

Jeana Blackman Taylor

NV Democratic Party Chairwoman Roberta Lange

Assemblywoman Connie Munk

Assemblywoman Rochelle Nguyen

Laura Perkins.jpg

Regent Laura Perkins

Marie Wakefield.jpg

Dr. Marie Wakefield


Barbara Aupperle.jpg

Barbara Aupperle

Carol Chesnut.jpg

Carol Chesnut

Carolyn Ellsworth.jpg
Margie Gonzales.jpg

Margie Gonzales

Judge Carolyn Ellsworth

Jan Jenkins.bmp
Judy Klein 2019.jpg


Nicole Cannizzaro.jpg

Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro

Tierra Jones.jpg

Judge Tierra Jones

Kristine Kuzemka.jpg

Kristine Kuzemka

Jessica Padron.jpg

Jessica Padron

Dr. Halleh Seddighzadeh.jpg

Dr. Halleh Seddighzadeh

Electra Skrzdlewski.jpg
Sara Denton.jpg


Bita Yeager.jpg

NV Democratic
Party Chairwoman
Jan Jenkins

Sara Denton

Judy Klein

Electra Skrydlewski

Judge Bita Yeager


Sari Aizley.jpg

Sari Aizley

Hillary Clinton.jpg
Mary Haush.jpg

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Mary Hausch

Daniele Monroe Moreno.jpg
Marie Ray Scott.png

Marie Ray Scott

Daniele Monroe Moreno

Lois Tarkanian.jpg

Lois Tarkanian

Marla Aug 2019.2jpg.jpg

NV Democratic Party Secretary Marla Turner


Nancy Allf.jpg

Judge Nancy Allf

Elissa Cadish.jpg

Judge Elissa Cadish

Sandra Douglas Morgan.jpg

Sandra Douglass Morgan

Kathy England_edited.jpg

Kathy England

Kathy Gillespie_edited.jpg

Kathy Gillespie

Pat Spearman_edited.jpg

Senator Pat Spearman


Jo Briggs.jpg

Dr. Jo Briggs

Debby Conway.png
Ruby Duncan.jpg

Clark County Recorder Debbie Conway

Ruby Duncan

Roberta Lange_edited.jpg

NV Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange

NLV Councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown

E. Lavonne Lewis.png

E. Lavonne Lewis


Verlia Davis Hoggard.jpg

Verlia Davis-Hoggard

Renee Diamond.png

Renee Diamond

Dorothy Eisenberg.jpg

Dorothy Eisenberg

Carolyn Stephens.jpg

Carolyn Stephens


Karen Bennett-Haron.jpg

Judge Karen Bennett-Haron

Thalia Dondero.png

Clark County Commissioner Thalia Dondero

Laura Fitzpatrick.png

Clark County Treasurer Laura Fitzpatrick

Danna Lovell.jpg

Danna Lovell

Annette Magnus.png

Annette Magnus

Dina Neal.jpg

Assemblywoman Dina Neal

Harriet Trudell.png
Kim Wallin.png

Harriet Trudell

NV Controller Kim Wallin

Joyce Woodhouse.jpg

Senator Joyce

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